Worldwide leading company on Mediterranean almonds.

  • Grupo De Prado is a 5th generation family-owned business with operations located in Portugal and Spain with a smaller footprint in Chile and the U.S.
  • By 2026 we will handle roughly 50 million pounds of almond kernels
  • 100% own production
  • Latest technology for shelling, sizing and optical sorting
  • Almond production is located mainly in the
south of Portugal and Spain.
  • Committed with the production of the highest quality& sostanibility.

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    Mediterranean almond grower and processor

    Committed with the “pesticide residue free” goal

    Committed with the “pesticide residue free” goal

    Between the Organic Production and the Non-Organic Production, we are focusing our efforts to be able to be certified as Pesticide Residue Free ~ less than 0.01 ppm.
    Plus 2,135 acres transitioning to organic farming.

    Less chips and scratch deffects

    Almond Cleaning & Hulling for Mediterranean varieties is done in the field inmediatley JUST after being harvested.
    24 or 48 hours prior to shell the almonds we add some moisture to the inshell almonds to gain flexibility and minimize broken and damaged kernels.

    Less Water Footprint

    Due to lower evapotranspiration, more rainfall and a less intensive production model.

    Full traceability from farm to fork


    Own production

    European Union

    Comitted in providing highest quality almonds alongside best customer service

    Our varieties


    A French almond variety obtained by the INRA – Institut national de la recherche agronomique (France), the most versatile Mediterranean Almond. Sizes from 20/22 to 36/40


    The mediterranean pareil. Long shape and light skin color, ideal for uses as raw almond. Sizes from 20/22 to 36/40


    Light skin color and the sweetest taste, one of the almond varieties with a higher content in natural soluble sugars (close to 5%), ideal for confectionary, almond paste, almond cream, almond beverages, almond yogurts, etc. Sizes 36/40 and 40/50


    Marcona Type Almond, round shape, big sizes, ideal for blanching & roasting & salting. Sizes from 18/20 to 27/30

    Why Mediterranean Almonds?

    Hard and perfectly sealed, shell that constitutes a physical barrier for pest and reduce the needs of PPP’s – Plant Protection Products

    Self-compatible and late blooming, locally adapted

    Higher content in unsaturated fats

    Higher content in oleic acid (Omega 9), Mediterranean almonds are a natural “pill” of olive oil

    Incredibly tasty flavour

    Lower content in linoleic acid (-15%) = longer shelf life.

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